Wednesday, December 09, 2015

My Quick Write

I am blogging this because it is my favorite quick write and I put lots of effort into it.
I was learning to make a story with chapters and add in lots and lots of detailed information.

Chapter 1 Death
It was early morning and everything was good until a 6 year old found his mother impaled by a lamppost outside. He wondered who would do such a cruel thing? Was it nature or just a pure murderer?

Chapter 2 Life
The six year old was now 23 and he was a chef and an inventor. Right now he was making a cheesecake with a raspberry puree. He was the best chef in the business. When he had no work he was making a machine that brought dead people back to life. He went to his mother's grave and brought her back to life.

Chapter 3 Luck
Its casual just him and his mum in his car cruising around until he saw a tree was falling right above the car. They sprang out in the nick of time. KABOOM! The car exploded. They realised someone cut the tree down. They both fainted.

Chapter 4 Powers
When they both woke up they felt a little strange. When the 23 year old asked where he was he didn’t need the doctor to answer because he read his mind. His mother was right beside him and guess what she had super strength. The FBI instantly recruited them when they heard about their powers.

Chapter 5 Dirty Business
Their first mission was to find the criminal John Ankles and bring him to justice. Mike (The 23 year old) figured out where he was hiding. They drove to the abandoned warehouse and the mother smashed the door down. They took John Ankles to prison.

Chapter 6 Time Travel  (Final Chapter)

Their was a sudden flash of light in their backyard. It was them but from the future and they asked “Would you like to see who murdered your mum” and he agreed to go with them. They watched and waited until they saw someone it was his father. But wasn’t he in jail? He must have escaped. TO BE CONTINUED IN CHAPTER 7.

Comment if you want chapter 7.

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